Disposable Surgical Face Mask

Disposable Surgical Face Mask – Ltc, made by Biofinity, is one of the best disposable face shield products on the market today. The unique three layer design resists rapid abrasion and tearing while providing excellent coverage and comfort. The unique snap-on ear hook closures and secure black pink non-marking leg gather ensure quick and easy removal without any leakage. The FDA approved all-round UV sterilization process prevents the growth of bacterial spores, mold and fungi. These sterile, antimicrobial polymers will not interfere with laser surgery and offers excellent chemical and physical properties for use in applications ranging from the disposable surgical gloves, to wholesale medical gloves, to medical, laboratory and pharmaceutical work wear.

Guaranteed No Stress Disposable Surgical Face Mask

Disposable Surgical Face Mask (ASTM Level I) provide maximum protection from splashes and droplets of blood, are easily disposable and resist bacterial penetration. The reusable mask constructed with 3-layered, reusable polymeric foam material and reusable snap-on reusable ear hooks increase comfortability. While protecting the face during surgeries, the disposable masks also help prevent contamination and infection of hands and surgical equipment. Because these disposable masks do not contain any chemicals, they may be used in place of a surgical facelift or laser surgery since the plastic materials do not change color with exposure to light, unlike other face lift/Laser surgery face masks.

Disposable surgical masks meet all quality standards set by the American Society for Marketing and Development (ASMP) and are available at low prices to meet your office or retail store needs. These low priced facemasks are great for all staff, both in-house and out-house. With no side effects, no odor and virtually no health risk, Disposable Surgical Face Mask – Ltc, Bioperine, Masks by Biofinity, and Mederma – are ideal for every situation. Whether it’s a disposable or a reusable facemask, these low cost and low maintenance products will protect your staff and your patients. For a complete line of Medical and Body Cosmetic face and body shield products contact Biofinity, a division of Vista Nursing and Medical Group.

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