Experience Bali’s Entertainment at an Uluwatu Villa

ULUWATU VELLAS is a quiet and beautiful place on the small island of Bali, best recognized for an impressive limestone cliff-top religious temple of the very same name. It is only about 40 minutes east of Denpasar, the capital of Bali and about half an hour south of Kuta. Although not much is known about this idyllic area of Bali, you will find that it houses some of the most beautiful bali villas uluwatu in all of Asia. As such, it is not surprising that most visitors to Bali opt to stay at one of these luxurious villas while they are there. However, even those who simply stop by on vacation will find that there is much to see and do while in ULUWATU.

An Amazing Experience at a Uluwatu Villa!

One of the first things you should do upon arrival at the uluwatu villa is to take a hike up to the Great Bali Tomato Garden, which is the main attraction of the area. If you love tomatoes then you are sure to fall in love with this garden of pink blossoms. As you go further into Bali, you will notice that there are two other gardens in the area. The Temples of Kuta and the Hindu Temple at Ubud are located near the southern part of Bali and are well worth a visit. Once you have taken in all of Bali’s cultural attractions, you may decide to take a hike to the top of Mount Kerobokan, which is also a popular attraction amongst tourists.

The highlight of your trip to the uluwatu villas of Bali will be the amazing fire dance that takes place nightly. This dance is a ritual performed by indigenous Balinese people to honor their god. When you take a walk down to the fiery waters of the Bali Ocean, you can see the dancing flames as they dance along to the music of drums, bell rings and small fire stick lanterns. Each dancer has ten flaming objects in their hands, which dance along to the beat of the drums. If you are lucky enough to be standing directly in front of a Balinese fire dance event, you will never forget the breathtaking sight of the dancing flames.

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