Selecting a Great Sport Bra

sport bras

A sport bra is specifically a bra which provides extra support to the breasts during daily physical activity. More supportive than normal bras, they relieve discomfort and minimize breast movements during daily activity. Most people also wear sport bras to decrease pain resulting from breast movement during daily activity. During activities such as running, cycling, or participating in gymnastics, wearing a sports bra allows the breast muscles to contract to push up the chest wall and support the breasts more than normal. For women with larger breast tissue, this can increase the lift and shape of the breast tissue and help prevent it from sagging.

How to Choose Selecting a Great Sport Bra

Sports bras come in a variety of styles, cuts, and linings. There are sports bras for men and women. Some specialty exercise clubs have their own version of sports and workout bras. These specialty exercise bras are usually thicker and offer more support and extra nipple coverage than regular everyday gym or department store bras. Specialty athletic or racquetball sports bras are very specialized in the way they are designed and lined. Most sport bras are water proof and will keep the wearer comfortable in any moderately wet environment.

Depending on your personal needs, you will want to find a great sports bra for your size and body type. Women who are large busted and want great support should look for sports bras with thick cups, molded cups, or underwire. A woman who is a smaller busted and needs extra nipple coverage should consider using a sports bra with a compression fit. Women who are petite should look for more supportive cup choices such as plunge or halter sports bras. Look for sport bras with adjustable straps so you can adjust to fit you properly and feel comfortable.

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