Healthy Choice For Families

protein stop food co

There is a restaurant in Rockford, Illinois named Protein Stop Food Co. The food outlet is mainly focused on healthy home cooked meals for the whole family. Located at Clovelly Dr, in the Rockford Crossing shopping center, have all options of food, from, sit down, breakfast, lunch, take away, mid-day snack, dinner, deli, sandwiches, soups, snacks, to go. We enjoy our company on delicious home cooked food, lots of variety, ie spicy wings, Wraps, BBQ chicken, Salads, & more. Read More – http://protein stop food co

Why need Healthy Choice For Families

I was in the market searching for a healthy home cooked meal and came across their frozen menu with chicken soup as their top selling entree. They had several entrees that can feed an entire family including; BLT pizza, BLT sandwich, BLT pasta, Chicken soup & more. I was amazed how healthy they are. I like that they offer soups, chicken soup, spaghetti, corn, pastas, and salads. My mom uses the protein to stop machine to make chicken soup which has been a big surprise for me.

They even have frozen dessert. I stopped at their bakery the other day to try their tasty and yummy muffin, banana split, blueberry crisp, cinnamon French toast and their ice cream. I am already in love! I think they do an amazing job of making anyone feel full no matter what their appetite.

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