Waterproof Headphones

Did you know that there are some types of waterproof headphones? Many people do not realize just how versatile these headphones really are and how handy they can be to have around when you are swimming or doing other activities where water is involved. Many swim headphones are simply just regular headphones with their inside electronics and parts waterproofed as well. However, you may be wondering, just how waterproof do these types of headphones actually get?

What You Need to Know About These Popular IPods

waterproof headphones

One of the best waterproof headphones on the market today is the Life Span ipx8 model which features a stylish and compact design. This is because the Life Span does not use traditional ear tips but rather its built in ear buds which provide the listener with a more accurate and natural listening experience and they work well in both ears. Because of this, the Life Span does not need turning on every time you want to use it as it has a five-hour battery life. Another great thing about this model is the fact that it also offers a seven-day battery charger so if you decide to get recharged, you will have that power back up in no time at all.

The Life Span ipx8 model features an impressive eight-point microphone as well as a three-band band width control for superior sound clarity and bass. It also has a large and comfortable cushioned headband that will stay on your head while you are in the water. It also has a water resistant connector that will work with any computer or smartphone that has wireless connectivity capabilities as well as built-in speakers. In addition, it also works well with most other headphones as well including wired and Bluetooth so you can enjoy your music wirelessly wherever you may be.

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